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The modern senior citizen is a new generation!

Senior citizens today enjoy the benefits of incredible advances in modern science and technology resulting in them living longer and healthier lives.

With these improvements come increasing demands for health - and money management amongst other things. Generally speaking seniors have more free time and are better resourced, so they can travel, go to movies and theatre, eat out, shop and buy presents, etc.

Being a baby boomer or a prime timer also means that they live in an open and friendly environment full of opportunity and fun. We want every senior citizen to have fun and enjoy life, hence our motto:

Time of Your Life!

The over 50’s are relevant, influential and are making a useful contribution to society in many fields of endeavour. They are environmentally aware, computer literate and in touch with the world around them.

PensionPower, the e magazine, recognises your increasing use of the internet as a useful tool and wants to help you make it work for your benefit to stay happy, healthy and manage your money to optimise your ability to live in relative comfort.

We consult with experts in various fields and bring you updates and useful information that you can use. We want you to benefit on a daily basis. We are committed to offer you savings, practical advice and support where needed.