leisure & lifestyle
  Leisure time is one of the many advantages
of being a senior citizen. Make the most of it!
All of us have a something we always wanted to do:
An old neglected hobby gathering dust in a box on the top shelf, books we always wanted to read or maybe you always wanted to join a club.

Leisure activities help keep body and mind fit and create opportunities to meet with old friends or make new ones. So, start looking now at the attached topics and see where you can actively participate.
  Do you have one? Looking for one?  
Movies and Shows
What’s on?
Read Karin Schimke's book reviews.
Coffee culture
A rapidly developing attraction in South Africa -
there’s probably a coffee shop around the corner.
Coffee and a buttered croissant anyone? That’s style!
Drink the wine that you enjoy - could be R100 a glass or R30 a bottle.
The choice is yours! Enjoyable needn’t be expensive!