Your Visa is an integral part of your travel arrangements.

Most countries have strict visa requirements to control the flow of foreign visitors across their borders. These requirements are often difficult to understand and they can change overnight.
Visa services companies are best equipped to advise you and take care of the detail.

International treaties ensure that the country of departure will check your travel documents before allowing you to leave but you can also land up in a situation where you are allowed to leave your country of departure, only to be detained upon your arrival at your destination.

If you are making use of a travel agent they will normally take care of all arrangements but in an increasing number of cases people are booking their travel arrangements on line via the internet without the convenience of a travel agent and that means you must arrange your own visas.

This is not always a simple process:
Not all embassies, and consulates deal direct with the public and you have to make use of the services of a specialised visa services company.

Best advice:

- Start early with your application(s).
- Consult a specialised visa services company.
- Ensure that all your travel documents are in order, not just your passport and visas.