Renting a car
International car rental agencies, abound and it is
easy to rent any one of a selection of vehicles in
most countries.

Here is some good advice:
Stick to known brands.

Tell us about your car rental
experiences,good and bad.
Share your tips
You may experience a car problem and you’ll want assistance to be close at hand, in a language that you can speak and understand.
Don’t be tempted to buy cheap insurance on the internet or through a third party. Buy the insurance from the company which is renting the vehicle to you when you are face-to-face at the check-in counter.
Make sure it is their own company insurance
For different collection - and drop off points please contact our Travelbar support team direct at tel. Tel: 0861 878 278 (Ext5) or email them at  
Rent a vehicle suitable for your requirement.
  Consider all aspects:
Air-conditioning, size of car, engine capacity, automatic or
manual, etc.
Double check excess on claims and top up insurance.
If you do not know the area you will be driving through, make
sure you have a good map or even better, a GPS.
Ask around before you rent. Friends, colleagues and family often have previous experience to share with you.