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Facebook, MXit, Twitter, YouTube, internet, email, cell phone technology and apps – our heads are spinning!
Some of us grew up with party lines, telex machines and basic two-way radios. All communication, in business or private, was conducted by letter or telephone.

The clatter of telex machines, typewriters and mechanical adding machines were inherently part of the familiar daily office scene.
Urgent news, good or bad was delivered to the front door by means of a telegram.

The first sign of the changing world was the word processor. The first ones were the size of a small desk and replaced the then cutting edge golf ball typewriter. Electronic calculators, fax machines and the first personal computers followed swiftly with cell phones close behind.

Today we communicate instantly. You can watch a video of your latest grandchild on your cell phone minutes after birth, check the weather, watch movies, sport and the stock exchange whilst walking down the street or waiting for your coffee. We SMS and Skype halfway around the world in a flash.

So what has really happened? Technological advancement is staggering and without doubt social networking is the fastest growing and arguably the most powerful communication medium today. New applications are added every day and instant messages and news flash around the world in a micro second.

It is powerful, it is influential and no one is immune.

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