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Access Control

Know who is at your door before you open it!
There are numerous reports of people being
attacked in their homes after allowing strangers
access to their property.
Residents in apartments and houses are
constantly being warned by the
S A Police Services, security companies,
community forums and by the media to exercise
caution at their entrance door or gate.

The best way to control this and stay safe
is to have a remote access control
system installed.
There are several good quality systems available
which can be installed without too much trouble
It is always advisable to use a reputable contractor.
Click on the ADT logo for more info.

If you are a DIY enthusiast and would like to tackle
the job yourself, you’ll find what you want at
Builders Warehouse (and remember that you will
get a 10% discount from them on Wednesdays).
Get all details as well as a link to their website on
your seniorcitizen supersavers page.