Most of us enjoy a cup of coffee and a butter croissant during a busy day’s shopping...

You’ve always wanted to be a
coffee connoisseur?
Here’s your chance!
Tell us about your favourite
coffee shop or coffee experience.

There was a time when every home had a regular pot of coffee percolating noisily away on top of the stove - but that was "then".
Now we are experiencing a take-off of a coffee culture around the country!
A quick break on a shopping trip or perhaps a relaxed coffee with the newspaper when the shopping is done?

Maybe with the family on a weekend or a good
friend in the morning? Whatever the occasion, South Africans have taken to the coffee culture like a duck to water. Look around and you will see the explosion of coffee shops. Friends meet over a quick business cup or catch up in a WIFI hotspot with a laptop.

It does not matter: this culture has come to stay. It comprises a sub culture with its own lingo: Skinny Latte, macchiato, cappuccino, an Americano- the list is endless and each of us has a favourite, black, flat or with wings.

We live in a country of warm and wonderful people with a climate to match.

From great franchises to humble sole traders, there is a coffee shop around the corner!