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The Central City Improvement District is a private-public
partnership formed by the property owners of a
defined geographical area to provide top-up or
complementary services over and above those
provided by City of Cape Town
 Stay safe on the street

 Be smart - don’t become a crime stat
Always look confident
Appear to do everything with purpose. Do not stand
or walk around aimlessly
Sling your bag diagonally across your shoulders and
keep valuables to a minimum
Do not wear fancy or expensive clothes or jewellery
If you are lost or looking for directions, walk into a
a store, office or bank to consult your map or ask
for directions
If you notice someone following you, turn into the
nearest safe place like a bank or shop. If he/she also
stops, call the police or the nearest security
Remember you are as easily mugged in a shopping
mall as in the street
Avoid using your cell phone in the street and do not
carry it where it is visible
Face on-coming traffic when walking on the side
of the road
If you notice a car following you, turn around and walk
the opposite way
Avoid deserted streets
Do not walk alone after hours or in the dark
If it is late, ask someone you know to walk you to your car
Do not hitchhike or pick up hitchhikers
Be vigilant at all times
Avoid travelling off the beaten track
Don’t leave valuables in your car
Park close to your destination
Don’t flash cash
Don’t give money to beggars

Don’t be a hero -
if you resist, you may be hurt

Senior citizens, in particular, are identified as potential victims.
Frail people should only venture out in safe places or in groups