Safety at the ATM.
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ATM’s are easy to use and do not keep banking hours. They are convenient facilities but come with some dangers of which you should be aware.


 Look after your card.
1. Never share your pin number with anyone.
If you think your number has been seen, change it immediately.
2. Do not write your pin number down where it can be found.
Memorise it and keep it secret.
3. Never give your pin number to anyone, not even a bank official.
4. Never give your card to your children or anyone else to use.
5. Do not store your card together with any form of identification.
6. Have the stop card numbers with you in case you lose your card and notify your card company immediately.
7. Ignore all e-mail requests for your pin number or any other
card details.
 At the ATM Machine:
1. Try and use an ATM machine in a well-lit controlled environment like in a bank, shopping mall or shop.
2. Try not to use an ATM after hours, especially those without
security or in isolated places.
3. Take note of the people around you - if anyone looks suspicious, leave the area.
4. Remember conmen that prey on ATM users are mostly well
dressed and presentable.
5. Do not accept help from anybody at the ATM other than a
bank official.
6. If anybody tries to help you, press cancel and retrieve your card.
Do not let anyone even touch your card.
It will be swopped in a split second.
7. Take your time whilst doing your transaction.
Do not allow anyone to hurry or distract you.
8. Always wait for the screen prompt to insert your card and do
not force it in.
9. Be sure no one is looking over your shoulder when you insert
your pin.
10. Never send someone else, especially children, to use your card.
11. Before using an ATM, check for obvious signs of tampering,
especially around the card and money slots, before inserting
your card. Do not force your card into the slot.
 After your transaction.
1. Make sure that it is in fact, your own card being returned.
2. Put your cash away before leaving the ATM.
3. Look out for someone following you. If you see someone
suspicious, enter the nearest safe area.
4. If you are driving after withdrawing cash, be on the lookout for
cars or motorcycles following you.
5. Avoid drawing large amounts of cash. Place a limit on the daily
cash withdrawal amount.
6. Programme your cellphone to alert you when your card is used.