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 Protect your possessions.
 If you have been burgled:
1. Stay as calm as possible.
2. If you notice signs of forced entry, do not enter or go out
immediately. Call the Police and wait in a safe place.
3. Do not touch anything before the police arrive.
4. Look around the outside of the house for anything unusual like strange footprints.
5. If you have armed response call them. They are trained and will know not to enter the property before the Police arrive.
 Prevent housebreaking and theft.
1. Have good outside lighting but remember that lights left on during the day draw the attention of thieves.
2. Install good quality security doors on your outside doors.
3. Your burglar bars must be solid and installed by an expert.
4. Check your aluminium sliding doors and install additional locking devises if necessary.
5. Regularly check your alarm system and always arm it when you go out, even if it is just for a few minutes.
6. A dog is a good deterrent but then it must sleep indoors at night.
7. Do not leave cash or valuables lying around.
8. Firearms must be stored in an approved safe. Do not tell anyone that there are firearms on the property, including your children.
9. Develop a good communication system with your neighbours and be each others eyes and ears.
10. Make sure that someone removes your post and newspaper from your post box when you are away.
11. Make a list of the serial numbers, model numbers and descriptions of
high value items like electronic equipment and take photographs.
12. When you renew your household insurance be sure that everything is included and all new items and replacements of high value are added to your policy. Consult with your insurance company or broker for advice and guidance.
13. Draw up an inventory of valuable paintings or artworks and take photos of them for your records.
6. If you have an inventory of precious and high value items you will be able to check what is missing very quickly. Model and serial numbers, photos and descriptions makes it easy to report and will help when completing your insurance claim.
7. If you are in the house when the burglary takes place, your life may depend on your conduct:
  Behave in a calm manner at all costs.
  Do not show anger or resistance.
  Avoid eye contact but try and observe detail that you can use later to give a description. Height, weight, accent, clothing, marks, anything at all.
  Cooperate or at least try and appear to be cooperative.
  Remember your perpetrators are also nervous and can easily loose control.
  Be sure they have all left before raising the alarm but do it as soon as possible.

Insure with a reputable company.

There are no free lunches in short term insurance. The less you pay in premiums, the less you get in cover. Short term insurance is highly competitive so stick to reputable insurance companies that are registered with the Ombudsman for short term insurance.
Lodge any complaints you may have with the ombudsman.

The Ombudsman for short term insurance.

For all Ombudsmen see Seniorcitizen Money page