In and Around your Home
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11. Check previous references of new employees and make a
copy of their ID.
12. Be wary of strangers that claim to be employees, friends or
family of your neighbours, friends, colleagues, etc.
If you do not recognise them, do not believe them.
 In Your House.
1. Never open the door or even your gate before you have
established the credentials of the caller.
2. Bona fide inspectors, municipal workers, police in uniform
and service providers will always have identification with a
photo. Never accept someone at face value.
3. Always keep your cell phone with you, especially when you
are in your bedroom.
4. Be careful about what you discuss where you can be
overheard by staff or workmen.
5. Never leave workmen unattended in your house and
always know where all your keys are.
6. Do not leave a door or a garage door open or partially
open, not even for a few seconds.
7. At night, outside lights that are on and inside lights that
are off, allow you to observe what is going on outside.
When inside lights are on and outside lights are off, others
can observe what is going on inside your home.
8. Load emergency numbers into your cell phone.
Most land line phones have a speed dial function you can
use to load numbers such as those reflected on your
Seniorcitizen security page.
9. Educate your staff and members of your family to be
vigilant and teach them the safety rules.
10. Avoid having to leave a key under a mat or pot. Rather ask
your neighbour to hand it over to the relevant person.
Approaching and leaving your house.
1. It is always advisable to let other people in the house know
approximately what time you expect to be home.
2. Keep an eye open for persons loitering near your entrance, gate or garage door.
3. If you see suspicious characters near your house, vehicles stopping when you slow down, or anything unusual, drive past and go to the nearest police station.
4. If you notice anything suspicious before you enter, like a broken glass pane or an open front door, do not enter the premises!
Retreat immediately to a safe place and call the police.
5. If you are attacked and are going to attempt to use pepper spray you must be sure you can do it successfully and quickly. It is no good fumbling for it or struggling to activate it. You must be swift and direct it straight into his face.
 If you have armed response.
1. Have their response number in your cell phone.
2. Attach your panic button to your car keys or your house keys.
3. When leaving or approaching your house or garage, have your panic button in your hand, ready to activate at any suspicion.
4. Remember your armed response company would rather have you push the button too soon than too late or not at all.
5. If you see any suspicious characters in the vicinity when you approach your house, drive past and ask armed response to come and check.
6. Many armed response companies offer a service to arrive with you at your house to ensure your safe arrival. Use it.