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Healthy and active seniors are often interested and keen to extend their working life. They find it stimulating and the extra income can be handy.

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All involved are urged to exercise caution and to always double check the credentials when either applying, or offering, employment.

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Consider the following:
Why employ seniors?
They are reliable and grateful for the opportunity. You often get more for your money’s worth because they often are over qualified and come with experience. They are not looking for promotion, pension schemes or future promotion unless they earn and deserve it. They are happy to work on short notice contracts, are flexible on holidays and do not have child or parent obligations. They offer wise council and life experience and can have a calming effect in a work environment.

When is a seniorcitizen the ideal person? When the job is fairly structured, the environment employee friendly and dependability and stability are important. When their wisdom and experience can best be applied. Where the physical demands of the job are within their capabilities.

Things to remember when considering employing seniors. The hours should be reasonable. Ideally flexitime with reasonable resting time. The job should not require great dexterity where dangerous equipment is involved. Seniors should always be afforded the respect they deserve.