As an older person, there are wonderful advantages to be enjoyed.
With more time and facilities, better healthcare and
good infrastructure, senior citizens can have fun and enjoy life
more than ever before! We are living in exciting times -
a world of technological advancement, increased knowledge
and improved communications.
The world has become a global village and we’re all part of it.

The Senior Citizen of the 21st Century is healthy,
socially active, computer literate and
environmentally aware.
Both business and government recognise this and
constantly promote special deals, improved facilities,
preferential treatment and a host of other
advantages to the “over fifties”.

The aim of this website is to assist senior citizens in
making full use of all the means available to them to
live a happy and full life. strives to be informative and
supportive, creating an influential lobby for the senior citizen
in southern Africa to help harness and channel their
collective buying power and influence. provides a platform of useful
information and tips on finance, health, travel, other interests
and facilities that the senior citizen may need. aims to promote a positive outlook.
Life can be fun - let’s reap the benefits - and at the same time,
help others to enjoy it and it’s many rewards!
The world is an exciting place! is not an NGO or charity.
It is a commercial venture recognising the buying power
and influence of senior citizens. recognises the need to be
proactive in the community. The more privileged amongst us
are in a unique position to help those who are less fortunate.
Many senior citizens are willing and able to contribute
their expertise through this forum.
We hope to enhance this ability as part of our social
responsibility programme.